Is your business the talk of the town? Want it to be?

What you need is a Backstage Pass guest appearance from the Rockstars!

Want to be a micro-influencer in Pella, IA?

Join fellow Central College students and become a Rockstar!

Rockstar: (noun) a group of Central College students who take a non-traditional social media approach. These micro-influencers receive free admission into your event and complimentary service of what you’d like to promote. In return, they’ll share the excitement and great experience, tag your business in the photos they post, and promote your business on their personal social media. This club of Rockstars will engage with your brand and give you the exposure it deserves. Have a question? Contact Alli Miller, Backstage Pass


What is it?

The Backstage Pass Rockstars are amped up and ready to chat, mingle, attend, and post about Pella. They attend events, are the first to try new brands, products, menus, and more! Through the influence of their social media posts, their followers and the community will see the excitement in Pella in a modern and interesting new way. The Rockstars will use social proof posts, word-of-mouth marketing, and their influence to promote the businesses and events of Pella. The power of these everyday young voices will start a buzz about what is happening in town!

How does it work?

Rockstars receive free ‘Backstage Passes’ to local events, store openings, recreational happenings, food, drinks, and more! The Rockstars will document the event with video, pictures, and personal testimonies. This content will be posted to their personal social media (FaceBook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok) with encouragement for others to join.  This will create word-of-mouth branding for your business for only $150 per event.

How do I get involved as a BUSINESS?
  1. Fill out the Backstage Pass Business Application below
  2. The Rockstars will attend your event or try your brand
  3. The Rockstars will share their experience on their personal social media platforms and tag your business/product

Backstage Pass Business Applicaiton

What are the details you'd like to share with the Rockstars? Example: Live Jazz Music at your location or New item on the menu or Grand Opening.
Include your social media username/s and hashtags to assist the Rockstars in tagging their posts.

Wanna be a ROCKSTAR?
  1. Fill out the Backstage Pass Rockstar Application below
  2. Attend local events and try new brands in Pella.
  3. Post on your personal social media accounts about your great experiences.