About HelloPella

Mission: “HelloPella is a service providing prospective and new residents with resources to promote a smooth transition into the Pella Community”

This means that the whole mission and purpose is to make your move to Pella much easier; we are here to help! As you are looking for a place to live, ways to make connections in the community, where to find needed services, or even someone to talk to as you are making the decision about whether Pella is right for you or your family, HelloPella is a great resource- contact us! No question is too small, and we genuinely want what is beneficial and best for your situation.

Some additional services that we offer include new resident events, complimentary personal welcome meetings for new residents, a weekly calendar of events e-mail, printed relocation guides, and community tours (arranged by employers).

To take advantage of any of these services, contact Maria Bogaards, Director, today at 641-628-2626 or e-mail relocation@pella.org.