Demographics and Statistics

City information

  • Pella’s population: 10,316
  • The median age in Pella is 32.4 years old (Iowa’s median age is 38 years old)
  • 91.4% of adults over age 25 have graduated high school
  • 36.5 % of adults over age 25 have Bachelors degrees or higher
  • Diversity: 95% are White Caucasian; 2.3% are Asian; 1.7 % are Hispanic/ Latino; 0.7% are Black/African American; 0.2% are Native American
  • Approximately 45% of Pella residents identify as having Dutch ancestry
  • Cost of living: Pella is in the 98-99th percentile, which makes it almost exactly average compared to all other locations in the US
  • 5 largest employers in the Pella area are Pella Corporation, Vermeer Corporation, Precision, Inc., Pella Regional Health Center, and Central College
  • The largest industries in Pella are Manufacturing, Agriculture, Tourism and Service
  • Pella receives an average of 38 inches of precipitation annually, with 27 inches of that precipitation being snow
  • Pella’s seasons are very pronounced – the average high in January is 31 degrees Farenheit; the average high in July is 85 degrees Farenheit