Relocation Experiences

What new residents are saying about Pella, IA:

What new residents are saying about Positively Pella’s relocation services:


Praise for Positively Pella

“Thank you for all of your help! Coming to a new community and not knowing anyone, you have been an excellent life line.”

“Thank you, Lyndsey! I couldn’t have done it without you and Positively Pella. With your help, I have made a lot of great connections :)”

“Thank you for all of your help in this process. I have found a duplex that I will be renting. You were very helpful and I cannot thank you enough.”

“Were it not for Positively Pella and the experience we had on two different visits to Pella prior to our opportunity to move here, we might have decided to relocate to another place that was more familiar and comfortable for us.  The tours of Pella showcased all of the wonderful things available to citizens and visitors here, and the chance to candidly ask questions of someone knowledgeable about life here was invaluable… We appreciated the active role taken in helping us to ease into our eventual transition to life in Pella.  We have never lived in a community that is more friendly and welcoming, and appreciate the services to newcomers . Thank you!”

“I would like to thank you for your time and your great tour of Pella when I first arrived at Vermeer. Your information is great, and I am sure that it has positively influenced candidates for any company that uses your services in Pella. Thank you again!”