Community information


    • Population: 10,352 (2010 US Census)
      Since 2000, Pella continues to experience population growth of 6.53% (Compared to   

      Iowa’s growth rate of 4.1% since 2000)
    • The median age: 33.3 years old (Iowa’s median age is 42.7 years old)
    • Diversity: 95% are White Caucasian; 2.3% are Asian; 1.7 % are Hispanic/ Latino; 0.7% are
      Black/African American; 0.2% are Native American
    • 93.5% of adults over age 25 have graduated high school
    • 35.3% of adults over age 25 have Bachelors degrees or higher

      Housing Values
    • The median home value in Pella is $163,600
    • The median gross rent in Pella is $732 (all types of rentals)Employment
    • The largest industries in Pella are Manufacturing, Agriculture, Tourism and Service
      4 largest employers in the Pella area are Pella Corporation, Vermeer Corporation, Pella
      Regional Health Center, and Central College

Safe Community

  • Crime Rates: Crime rates are considered very low. In  2010, there were 0 murders (includes
    manslaughter and homicide); 0 kidnappings or abductions; 53 assaults; 5 motor vehicle
    thefts; 118 larceny (includes building and vehicle)

Additional Pella demographic information

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