Workforce/Wage Information

America’s Best Workforce!

Pella’s workforce is highly educated and productive.  Pella has a public high school graduation rate of 93.5% percent.  Student scores on the ACT and SAT college entrance exams rank among the best in the country at 23.5-24.1 in 2013.

Iowa is a Right-To-Work State
Under Iowa law, an employee must not be required to join a union or pay dues or fees to any labor union, association or organization, as a condition of employment.

Unemployment Insurance
Iowa has one of the lowest new employer Unemployment Insurance rates in the nation. The 2018 standard new employer rate for all non-construction businesses for a three-year period is 1.0 percent on a $29,900 maximum taxable earnings.

In 2017, the average rate was 1.57 percent with a large number of zero-rated employers.

Workers’ Compensation
Iowa’s comparative workers’ compensation costs continue to rank among the nation’s lowest-cost states.

Workforce Information

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