You Need Help | Students Need Experience

In lieu of many internships being canceled, workforce disruptions, and students who are home with time on their hands, now may be the perfect opportunity for your business to get a project done that has been on the back burner while giving our future workforce the experience they can use to build their resumes.  The PACE Alliance can help promote your project needs to students who are looking for opportunities this fall.

Let’s say you have a specific project that you don’t have time to handle OR you’ve always wanted to create but don’t have the expertise to get it off the ground. Many of you students have the skillset to accomplish the task.

Here is a list of projects to spark your creativity:

• website development
• IT
• graphic design
• social media marketing
• promotional videos
• inventory
• event planning
• window or display styling
• data analysis

Let the matchmaking begin

Employers, simply complete this interactive form, save it, and email it back to; or (print, complete and return by mail to PACE Alliance 818 Washington St, Pella IA 50219. Your project will be posted below and uploaded to Central College’s Handshake platform. Questions? Contact Karen Eischen: (641) 628-2626.

Students, check out the projects below and reach out to the employers to see if you’re a good fit. Now’s the perfect time to build your resume and your future!



State Farm Insurance


CONTACT: Kevin Van Wyk

PROJECT TITLE: PowerPoint presentation and speech writing

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Work with Kevin to prepare two presentations/speeches to give at educational workshops around the country.

EXPECTATIONS: Someone who has PowerPoint experience but also someone with marketing and writing skills.

Warm Welcomes To You


CONTACT: Lori Morgan

PROJECT TITLE: Video & Social Media 

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Create video detailing company mission as well as create and post consistent content for social media.

EXPECTATIONS: Someone who has video production and content creation experience welcome to apply.

PACE Alliance


CONTACT: Christi Vander Voort

PROJECT TITLE: Social Media Savant

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Work with Christi to create and post consistent content for social media (Facebook & Instagram).

EXPECTATIONS: Someone who loves being social, can find the good in all sorts of situations, and has a knack for writing really fun/engaging captions. 

Highpoint At Pella


CONTACT: John Stark

PROJECT TITLE: Marketing Enhancements

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Review, recommend and facilitate updates to photos and information provided on marketing materials and website. Software: Affinity Photo,, Virtual Software, AppFolio

EXPECTATIONS: Minimum time commitment to complete assigned task before the end of the summer. Project will take between 20-50 hours depending on experience. 4-8 hours a week until project is completed recommended; however, work hours are flexible. Ideal candidate will have some experience with photography and marketing along with a willingness to learn. Candidate can work from home; however, some time on property is necessary to complete project. Candidate will gain some experience with using virtual technologies along with producing materials viewable by the public.

Central College Upward Bound


CONTACT: Ellie Burns
Pre-College TRIO Programs

PROJECT TITLE: App Development & Marketing Video Development

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The Central College Upward Bound Program has two objectives within the project. The first is to develop an app the program can use to communicate with participants. The app will be used to send and receive messages and documents in addition to a variety of other uses. The program currently uses FaceBook, text messages, Remind, Phone Calls, and the program website, this app would combine all these communication tools into one. The second is to create a variety of marketing and recruitment videos for the program to be used with students, school partners, and community collaborators.

EXPECTATIONS: The position will require in-person time to understand the program, the project objectives, and more detailed expectations. Once the project is clearly communicated remote time will be acceptable to work on the projects. Frequent updates in person or via a remote app (zoom) will be expected.

320 hours have been allocated for the projects. The hours can be flexible as long as the anticipated completion date of December 2020 is met.

Desired experience and skills include: While there are basic skills the candidate will require (app development, video creating, etc.) the position is open to anyone with a positive attitude who will dive in and work with the team! Knowledge of app development. Ability to synthesize a variety of ideas into a plan of action. Understanding of basic marketing and recruitment ideas.

PACE Alliance


CONTACT: Christi Vander Voort

PROJECT TITLE: Website Development & SEO

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Work with Christi to format new pages on the website and finalize the SEO.

EXPECTATIONS: Someone who can see the world through the eyes of those who will click through the PACE Alliance website and create meaningful design. SEO experience.