“A bonsai gardener can take any tree & turn it into what it would look like in 100 years, we take people and grow them to their full vision,” said Loriana Sekarski, President of Bonsai. Since 2012, Loriana has been helping people transform, businesses flourish & communities thrive through leadership & soft skills development. Joined now by her husband Patrick, they moved to Pella in December 2020 and brought their business with them. “We have been blessed by the community’s support already,” said Loriana.

Dutch Greeters welcomed Patrick and Loriana Sekarski, Bonsai | Professional Coaching, to Pella.

They specialize in training leaders and teams, coming alongside them like an athletic coach, coaching people to their full potential. Being Gallup Certified, they can craft their training around people’s strengths, reaping the best results from their efforts. They work with non-profits and for-profit companies, big or small, as well as individuals looking to understand their personal strengths and potential career pathway.

Comparing what they do to a patchwork quilt, they’ve worked with CEOs, grad students, and mid-level managers, working all the parts together into a masterpiece. They also feel the best investment a company can make is in their leadership development which causes a ripple effect onto the rest of the employees.

Interested in learning more about what they do? You can find them online at growwithbonsai.com. And if you have worked with them before and found their services beneficial, tell your friends!

Bonsai | Professional Coaching Services
Loriana Sekarski, President



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