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About PACE Alliance

Collaborate + Connect + Community

The Pella Area Community and Economic (PACE) Alliance is a membership-based organization that serves as the Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development for the Pella community. It is no exaggeration to say that our community has thrived and excelled in many ways, and there are several key factors that contribute to this success.

First and foremost, we revolve around a common vision of “Dynamic growth for a vibrant Pella community”. As the PACE Alliance, we advocate, lead, connect, partner, influence, educate, and listen to the community, residents, our members, major employers, government, and small businesses. Through extensive studies, listening tours, conversations, research, and implementation, here is our recipe for a sustainable community.

Our Priorities

Workforce Attraction:
We invest a considerable amount of time, resources, and efforts into workforce attraction and retention. The attraction of a diverse and qualified workforce is the lifeblood of our thriving community. It not only shapes our future, but is essential to the sustainable growth, economic prosperity, and overall well-being of Pella.

We share a joint cooperation with the the major players in our community. We foster an environment of collaboration, working towards collective solutions and initiatives. Our community embraces and seeks out private-public partnerships. These vital partnerships have allowed the community of Pella to grow, develop, and stay relevant by stimulating economic development, shared resources, vested community interests, and effective leveraging of amenities, businesses, infrastructure, and projects.

Business Connection:
Business networking, connections, and education are the cornerstones of Pella’s thriving business community. The PACE Alliance empowers entrepreneurs, links resources, fosters innovation and serves as a harbor for all things business through relationship-building opportunities, professional networking, educational sessions, conversations, and work with new and existing businesses.

Community engagement is a crucial part of our community’s success. We host inclusive events, advocate and influence amenities, maintain an active social media presence that highlights Pella and interacts with the residents and workforce in our community, and partner to create an environment that showcases Pella’s healthy work/life balance. All of these endeavors work in sync to strengthen the social fabric of Pella, in turn encouraging social interaction, enhancing the quality of life, and creating opportunities for community togetherness where everyone has an opportunity to take part and connect.

Commitment to Education and Healthcare:
As the PACE Alliance, we work closely with our community schools and healthcare systems to enrich community awareness, attract qualified employees, and develop and implement initiatives. The community of Pella boasts some of the best schools in the state, receiving exemplary ratings and awards in education, the arts, and athletics (three Elementary Schools: private and public, two High Schools: private and public, Career Academy). Our healthcare offers a wide range of accessible specialists and care right here in our community (including a state-of-the-art Birthing Center, chiropractors, endodontists, physical therapy, optometrists, allergists, and various pediatric services.

The initiatives of the PACE Alliance are member-driven and for the betterment of our community.


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