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Dutch architecture in Pella Iowa

America’s Best Workforce!

Pella’s workforce is highly educated and productive. Pella has a public high school graduation rate of 93.5% percent. Student scores on the ACT college entrance exam rank among the best in the country at 24–25.5.

Training incentives, our excellent educational institutions, and our workforce provide a profitable advantage for your company.  Also available to you are screening, assessment and testing services, a company can select the right people for the new jobs and the training reimbursements allow the company to save valuable time to train these workers up front.

Iowa is a Right-To-Work State

Under Iowa law, an employee must not be required to join a union or pay dues or fees to any labor union, association or organization, as a condition of employment.

Workers’ Compensation

Iowa’s comparative workers’ compensation costs continue to rank among the nation’s lowest-cost third of states.

Workforce Information

Area workforce Research, Stats and Data Hub (including Des Moines metro area)

Workforce and Wage Information

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