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When you look at the world from a bird’s eye view you see things from a new perspective. Just ask Robert Roos, FAA-certified drone pilot, owner of Studio 5 Productions, proud Marine veteran, and a new member of the Pella Area Community & Economic Alliance. Robert shared insight into his business and how taking his drone to the sky shines new light and different angles on moments, nature, homes, events, and beyond.
Robert, and his wife Tara, also own Titan Chiropractic & Sports Performance, and this is where @studio5production began as a happy fluke.
Through Titan, Robert trains athletes. Robert realized that videoing athletes to analyze their movements would be more effective if he could capture their motion from a different angle. Phone and camera videos weren’t cutting it, so Robert took to the sky and purchased his first drone. Shooting from 30 feet higher helped Robert better train these athletes.
“This was and still is, a fun and new learning experience. Learning to actually fly the “bird” was definitely the hardest part. Beyond the actual mechanics of flying, I had to learn angles, distance, and exposure to the photography aspect. Thank goodness my wife is a great photographer because she helped, a lot.” says Robert.
As Robert’s skills developed he saw a tremendous demand in the community for additional uses of drone capabilities. He made it legal, got his drone pilot’s license, and has enjoyed shooting Pella and beyond ever since.
Do you need footage and photographs of real estate and properties? Are you looking to have a commercial or video shoot? Are you just plain curious about drones? Contact Robert and take flight with Studio 5 Productions.
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