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Nothing conjures memories quite like the smell of sweet fried food floating through the air. We are talking about the nostalgia of State Fair Food! Laughter and good times all centered around funnel cakes, corndogs, deep-fried Oreos, walking tacos, and more! And, the best news? You don’t have to wait for the Iowa State Fair to indulge in your favorites. The Dutch Greeters learned just this as we welcomed new PACE member Eatery Island.
Eatery Island is a food truck owned by Elizabeth Baldwin. And yes, you may recognize Elizabeth as she also serves our community through her work at Pella Regional Health Center Pharmacy. So, how did Eatery Island land in Pella and in the hands of Elizabeth?
Elizabeth, along with her boyfriend, purchased Eatery Island last year after stumbling upon it in 2021. Their adventure began at Tulip Time 2021.
“Eatery Island actually got me instead of me getting it! The food truck has been coming to Tulip Time for years! During Tulip Time 2021, we saw a For Sale sign in the window and I was like: Hmmm I wonder what it would be like to own a food truck?”, said Elizabeth.
She continued “We talked to the owners of Eatery Island, and were intrigued enough that we actually went to one of their events with them and worked in the truck to see what it would be like. Afterward, we thought, ok that was pretty fun! We could do this and we ended up buying Eatery Island.”
Their very first event, as the new owners of Eatery Island, was one year later at Tulip Time 2022. They had a stellar first event and an even larger learning curve but proved to themselves that they could do this, and thus Eatery Island from Pella came to fruition.
Elizabeth looks forward to bringing Eatery Island to several events in our area this year including Thursdays in Pella. They are looking into other area events including the Pella 4th of July Celebration and Lake Red Rock Balloonfest. In addition to bringing Fair Food favorites to our community, Elizabeth and the team are excited to showcase flavored lemonades featuring unique flavor combinations that are beyond traditional flavors.
Elizabeth is excited to share Eatery Island with our community and beyond! “I don’t know what the future holds but I look forward to continuing to develop and improve Eatery Island with each event.”
You can find Eatery Island at their first event of the 2023 season, Tulip Time! And, rumor has it that their deep-fried cookie dough is AMAZING, so be sure to klomp over in your wooden shoes, try the deliciousness, and keep the memories rolling!
Follow them at Eatery Island to stay up to date on all their happenings and where you can catch them!
Eatery Island
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