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Weaving Success in Style as a New Clothing Store Owner

In the vibrant heart of downtown Pella, a familiar face has taken the reins of The Funky Zebras Boutique, injecting new life and enthusiasm into the beloved women’s clothing store. Meet Lacy Trenkamp, the dynamic new owner who stepped into this role in November 2023. With a robust background in community engagement and a knack for fostering retail businesses, Lacy brings a fresh perspective and contagious energy to this beloved establishment.
Lacy’s journey to becoming the owner of Funky Zebras was a serendipitous one. Having been deeply involved in the community through her past career endeavors and her active presence, her name resonated when the previous owner, Vickie, sought a successor. “What made me jump into this? Well, it just kind of fell into my lap. One night Vickie prayed about it and my face came to her mind and well, here I am,” Lacy shared. “I am excited to be a part of Pella’s downtown community. I love clothes! So, this is a perfect job for me to use my creativity and passion for the clothing world.”
Her experience in aiding retail businesses in their inception gives Lacy a well-rounded skill set that perfectly equips her to navigate the challenges and joys of owning a small business. With a supportive husband and two sons by her side, Lacy embarked on this exhilarating new adventure.
The transition from aiding retail startups to becoming the proprietor herself is thrilling for Lacy. “It was a fun little family journey, and the boys have even helped,” she mentioned. As the proud owner of The Funky Zebras, Lacy aims to infuse the boutique with her unique touch, curating a selection of clothing and items that resonate with her creativity and cater to the diverse tastes of Pella’s residents and visitors alike.
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Embracing her love for fashion and community, Lacy has already set her sights on enhancing the boutique’s offerings. Following a successful visit to Market in October, where she jokes about her newfound ability to shop for twelve hours straight, Lacy is eager to introduce fresh collections and unique finds. From live social media feeds featuring her sons to engaging contests, such as monthly giveaways, she aims to foster a more interactive and personalized shopping experience for customers.
Moreover, Lacy plans to expand The Funky Zebras’ inventory to include a specialized section for athletic wear, offering high-quality products at reasonable price points. Collaborations with local businesses, such as Tulip City Golf Company, are also in the works to bring exclusive Pella-themed merchandise, celebrating the community’s spirit and local pride.
However, amidst the excitement, Lacy remains grounded and committed to maintaining the store’s essence. The Funky Zebras has become a staple in the community and Lacy knows she has big shoes to fill. She intends to preserve the familiarity by retaining beloved brands while adding new elements that reflect her vision for the boutique.
When asked about her experiences thus far, Lacy expressed her excitement and eagerness to engage with every visitor, helping them feel beautiful in their unique way. With plans for pop-up events, sales, and exciting new additions, Lacy is dedicated to making The Funky Zebras an ever-evolving hub of style and community spirit.
The Funky Zebras Boutique, under Lacy’s ownership, aims to cater to women of all ages, particularly focusing on sizes XS to XL and curating a wide range of styles to suit diverse preferences. Her personal touch in selecting styles ensures a broad spectrum of options for customers, reflecting her passion for empowering women through fashion.
As Lacy forges ahead on this thrilling venture, the future of Funky Zebras Pella looks bright and promising. Stay tuned for an exciting journey filled with innovative events, exclusive collections, and the warm, welcoming ambiance that defines this boutique under Lacy’s vibrant leadership.
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