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Mess. Clutter. Disorganization. Disorder. Chaos. If these are words that describe your kitchen drawers, garage, closets, and beyond, what you need is That Pella Organizer! And, the Dutch Greeters learned just this as we greeted new PACE Alliance member and business That Pella Organizer.
The creation of That Pella Organizer began about 2.5 years ago. Mel Wohlgemuth, along with her husband Brian and daughter, moved to Pella from Newton so their daughter could attend Pella Schools. As they settled into their new home, there was a big problem, the kitchen.
“About three months after the move I was super frustrated because we could NOT figure out a logical layout for our kitchen. We couldn’t even find a way that made sense to put things away. The rest of my house was fine and organized, but my kitchen was a struggle and I needed a new set of eyes. So, I finally told Brian “Hey, we have got to get somebody in here to help us.”, said Mel.
She continued, “That’s when I contacted an organizer. She came in and provided the assistance we needed. It was during that experience that I finally enjoyed my kitchen, I didn’t have to stress walking into the kitchen. I wasn’t frustrated with my kitchen anymore. I felt such a relief that I could happily use my kitchen”.
Following her experience, the idea sparked in Mel that maybe this is a service she could offer to other people. Mel started with her mother-in-law’s house. After months of asking, Mel went in and put her organizational skills to work. She was able to transform the space into a home that functioned and was full of joy. Mel immediately knew she wanted others to experience this triumph and find happiness in their home.
Mel’s journey continued as she started doing little odd jobs. This past year brought changes for her family and they decided there was no time like the present to jump feet-first into a family business. And, That Pella Organizer officially came to fruition. Mel’s main hope is to help the people of Pella, and beyond, rekindle their feelings of happiness in their homes.
“Having someone go into your house can be a vulnerable situation. People don’t have it all figured out, and that’s ok, that’s why I am here, to help! I want to work with clients to establish goals, make a plan, and create a functional home that works for them”, stated Mel.
What does That Pella Organizer handle? They organize homes from attic to basement, garages, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and everything in between. They also assist small businesses whether that be the organization of an inventory room or arranging office supplies so they are labeled and make sense for everyone.
What is the process? It’s simple! Call, text, email, or message That Pella Organizer. They offer free consultations. They come, look at a space with the client, find out what works and doesn’t work for the client, set goals, and build a plan together (with sketches, drawings, and ideas). Next, a time estimate is given on how long the reorganization will take. The final step is to set an appointment and get organized!
What about storage containers? No problem. That Pella Organizer has that under control! They will purchase, or build, the containers and shelving you need to make your space function. They are able to work within various budgets. If you want a home that functions, they have you covered. If you want a home that is Instagram picture worthy, they have that covered too.
That Pella Organizer is here to help people purge, discard, keep, donate, and sell. They will organize your home and create spaces for your items in a manner that functions. They specialize in functional organization and meeting the goals of the client on an individual and custom basis.
Here’s how you can contact That Pella Organizer, follow for tips and tricks, or to schedule your free consultation:
641- 651-0596
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