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You may be familiar with the name Edward Jones when it comes to Financial Advisors in Pella, and another one is being added to the mix. The Dutch Greeters welcomed Jason Rozenboom, CPF with Edward Jones, to his new location on Liberty Street in Pella.

Jason started his career as a certified CPA, continuing in that profession for 11 years, before switching to the financial planning side of things. Jason’s office, previously located in Oskaloosa, had a substantial number of clients from Pella, so Jason opted to relocate his office here.

The current model of Edward Jones is one advisor per office, hence why you see so many offices sprinkled around Pella, although this may change in the future with the introduction of real estate sharing!

When asked what the favorite part of his job is Jason replied,

“I like helping people solve their financial problems. I spend a lot of time helping people with their goals. I love it when people come to me with stuff everywhere and are confused and I am able to help them pull together a plan that makes sense”.

Jason approaches his work through a CPA lens, with a heavier focus on taxes, to assist people with retirement and estate planning and maximize their tax options. Welcome to Pella Jason.
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