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We use technology every day; it’s a part of our lives. So when the City of Pella decided to bring Pella Fiber to town, it was a no-brainer.
Starting as an idea on paper, in 3 short years, the Pella community is up and running with a high-speed, fiber-rich broadband network for internet, TV, and phone service. Pella Fiber currently has 1400 customers with new requests coming in daily. Work continues to expand the network to allow access to all residents within city limits. The installation of infrastructure started in 2020 on the north end of Pella and continues its way south towards the Bos Landen area. Due to supply chain issues, the project is behind schedule.
Residential customers get access to 1 gigabit of service with upload and download speeds allowing you to work from home, stream 4K TV, and play games without slowdowns.
Mayor Don De Waard stated, “When I hooked up Pella Fiber at my house, my 18-year-old grandson came over, and I told him it’s supposed to be fast….he quickly pulled out his phone and did a speed test and said, ‘Grandpa, this is amazing! At my mom’s house, it’s like 15, and it’s 435 here.'”
Besides being fast, it is also very reliable. To keep Pella Fiber safe from tornado damage, the transport lines in and outside of town and the data center are surrounded by concrete.
Along with reliable internet, Pella Fiber also includes Pella TV. The local TV service contracts with other networks and local schools and organizations for local content such as weather, education, a community calendar, local church services, school activities, and original content.
Curious to learn more about this great amenity? You can find information at or stop into City Hall give them a call at 641-628-4173 to talk to a Pella Fiber representative.

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