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The PACE Alliance Dutch Greeters recently welcomed new business, Little Wonders Wellness, with an official Ribbon Cutting at their Grand Opening. We learned all about the vital importance of nurturing health from the start and how Little Wonders Wellness is tackling this head on.
Right here in the heart of Pella, a new beacon of wellness has emerged. Little Wonders Wellness, founded by Dr. Brittany Tromp, stands as a testament to a holistic approach to health, centered around the concept of wellness-centered chiropractic care.
Specializing in pediatrics and pregnancy, this unique practice focuses on nervous system-based care to support individuals through every stage of life.
Dr. Brittany Tromp, a Webster Certified Chiropractor with the ICPA, envisioned a space that caters not only to mothers and their precious little ones but to every member of the family, from infants to adults up to 65. Her passion for fostering healthier lives is evident as she shares, “We are not just for moms and babies. We won’t leave out dad! I want to treat and help everyone live their best, most healthy life.”
The journey of Little Wonders Wellness began organically. Dr. Brittany, and her husband Ethan, stem from the quaint Ida Grove area where after high school both were led on an educational path to South Dakota. Following graduation, Dr. Brittany’s journey continued to Kansas, where she pursued chiropractic school. Once schooling was complete, Dr. Brittany and Ethan’s hearts yearned to settle back into Iowa where they would be close to family and friends. Pella became the canvas for Brittany’s dreams of establishing and nurturing a small business. With a supportive Ethan, a data specialist who works remotely, by her side Dr. Brittany saw her practice take shape.
Pella is a community that values health and well being. So, what sets Little Wonders Wellness apart from other chiropractic practices in Pella? Dr. Brittany shared that it’s her focus on prenatal and pediatric care, rooted in the nervous system. Dr. Tromp’s approach is not merely about alleviating pain; it’s about identifying underlying causes and mitigating stress from the body to enhance its functionality. Little Wonders Wellness utilizes an Insight Scan, a comprehensive tool aiding in understanding each individual’s system functioning, ensuring a tailored approach to care.

Gentle Safe Care for Infants and Children

Foundation for Life Long Health
So, how does one get started with Dr. Brittany Tromp? At Little Wonders Wellness, the journey to an appointment spans two days, commencing with an exam and history evaluation, followed by the Insight Scan, a detailed three-part assessment. The subsequent visit involves a thorough discussion of scan results, recommendations for care, and scheduling the first treatment appointment.
The clinic operates from Tuesday through Saturday, with a half-day on Fridays, accommodating various schedules for families seeking comprehensive care. Dr. Tromp’s dedication to supporting mothers before, during, and after pregnancy is palpable. Chiropractic care is highlighted for its potential to reduce tension, boost energy levels, and aid in childbirth preparation.
The practice’s focus on gentle and safe care for infants and children is crucial for their optimal development. By restoring nervous system function, Little Wonders Wellness lays the foundation for lifelong health. Dr. Tromp employs various adjusting styles tailored to individual needs, ensuring the removal of nerve interference and tension, ultimately facilitating the body’s optimal function.
Additionally, Brittany Tromp offers acupuncture services, a therapeutic approach involving the strategic placement of thin needles to balance the body’s energy.
Little Wonders Wellness isn’t merely a chiropractic practice; it’s a sanctuary dedicated to nurturing health from its very inception. Dr. Brittany Tromp’s unwavering commitment to holistic well-being encapsulates the essence of this serene haven, where individuals embark on a journey towards optimal health and vitality.
In the gentle hands of Dr. Tromp and her team, “Little Wonders Wellness is a beacon of hope, nurturing the health and well-being of families in Pella and beyond”.
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