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Forging Success in Pella

You know that 60 ft tunnel of Christmas light in Central Park? Well, the Dutch Greeters had the opportunity to meet the craftsmen behind the structure, Janssen Custom Fabrication, as we welcomed them as a newer business and member of the PACE Alliance at a ribbon cutting ceremony.
A metalwork marvel in Pella. A true testament to creative ingenuity and unwavering passion for metalwork. That’s the best way to describe Cole Janssen, owner of Janssen Custom Fabrication. With an extensive array of services encompassing metal fabrication, sandblasting, powder coating, and CNC plasma cutting, this company stands as a versatile hub for all things metal-related. “We basically do projects that have anything and everything to do with metal, big and small”, said Cole.
But, as we learned, what truly sets Janssen Custom Fabrication apart is its commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and community involvement.
Cole Janssen isn’t just the owner of Janssen Custom Fabrication; he’s the driving force behind its vision. He represents a dedicated craftsman who refuses to be held back by limits. His journey from working at Vermeer to starting his own business shows how practical experience can triumph over traditional academic paths.
Cole’s values deeply influence how the company operates. They prioritize clients by offering 3D models of projects, allowing them to see their ideas come to life before creating stunning metal pieces. Whether collaborating with local manufacturers like Vermeer Corporation and Ring-o-matic or taking on unique projects such as crafting custom handrails and baby gates, Janssen Custom Fabrication eagerly tackles every challenge, turning metal into a form of art.
As we discovered, one of the coolest things about Janssen Custom Fabrication is its presence in Pella during the holiday season. Their imagination, diligence, and hard work take the spotlight as their creations are exhibited throughout the community. From crafting stunning 3D snowflakes and metal ornaments for the Kerstmarkt Pella, Pella’s Christmas Market, to masterminding, building, and erecting a mesmerizing 60-foot tunnel of Christmas lights in Central Park to donating metal trees for the Pella Opera House Festival of Trees, the team at Janssen Custom Fabrication puts their technical expertise on full display. Their commitment to community joy and celebration is something that Cole and the Janssen Custom Fabrication team said they will cherish for years to come.
Cole Janssen, Owner of Janssen Custom Fabrication

Metalwork Marvels

“We love the fun mix of work. We get to see it all and be a part of it all, sometimes in all in the same day. I love being able to be a part of Christmas in Pella. I love that we can contribute to and be a part of something that my two girls can enjoy for years and years”, beamed Cole.
The fiber of Janssen Custom Fabrication’s success lies not only in its remarkable projects but also in its tightly knit team. From Cole’s brother Drew to Ross and Emma Hemming to two part-time employees, the company embodies a collaborative spirit that elevates every project they undertake.
But wait! That’s not all! Cole’s passion extends beyond mere craftsmanship; it’s about nurturing future talent. His dedication to providing apprenticeship programs for aspiring individuals from local high schools signifies a commitment to pay it forward, fostering learning and growth within the community. He currently employees a student from Lynnville Sully High School, and looks forward to growing his involvement in apprenticeship programs through the Pella Schools Career Academy and WorkSmart Connector.
At its core, Janssen Custom Fabrication is a story of breaking barriers, embracing passion, and nurturing dreams. Cole’s journey from envisioning his own path beyond traditional academia to establishing a thriving business stands as a testament to the power of determination and unwavering commitment to craftsmanship.
As Cole looks around the community and walks through the 60-foot tunnel of lights with his daughters, he knows that his work is more than just a tangible creation; it’s a legacy—an emblem of resilience, innovation, and the limitless possibilities when creativity meets determination.
In the realm of metalwork, Janssen Custom Fabrication isn’t just bending and shaping metal; they’re molding dreams into reality, one bespoke project at a time. Their story isn’t just about business; it’s a witness to the human spirit—a celebration of craftsmanship, community, and unwavering dedication.
Have a metal project? Need something powder coated? The sky is the limit with Janssen Custom Fabrication – Follow them on social or email: or call: 641-651-0521.
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