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On May 3, 2022, the Mayor appointed an Ad Hoc Committee comprising community members carefully crafted to encompass diverse perspectives, ensuring representation from various sectors of the Pella community. Tasked with a crucial directive, the committee collaborated closely with architects to conceptualize and design a facility tailored to meet the needs of individuals and groups across Pella. Through diligent collaboration and careful consideration, the committee aimed to create a space that would not only cater to diverse recreational pursuits but also foster a sense of inclusivity and community engagement.

Ad Hoc Committee Members:

  • Jaime Schiferl, PCD Group Fitness Manager
  • Doug Diers, Shoot-It Basketball Academy President
  • Lindsy Brandt, Pella Tennis Association Program Director and Board President
  • Laura Nicholson, Pella Community School District Freshman Volleyball Coach
  • Jennie Hedrick-Rozenberg, Central College Head Triathlon Coach, head swim coach for South East Aquatics, and swim coach for the City of Pella
  • Andrea Dana, Iowa Dance/Drill Team Association Executive Director
  • Russ Goodman, Central College Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach
  • Joe Ritzert, Pella Wrestling Club
  • Sarah Turnbull, parent of a special needs child
  • Nate Guess, member of the Community Services Board
  • Representative from Fields for our Future (TBD)
  • Dr. Spencer Carlstone, City Council Member

The Pella City Council will direct more than an estimated $35 million in upcoming Local Option Sales and Services Tax (LOSST) revenue to:

  • Infrastructure Improvements (Property Tax Relief)
  • Quality of Life Projects

*The tax does not apply to things such as groceries, gas or prescription drugs, as determined by the Iowa Department of Revenue.

**Placer Labs Inc. Geofence Data on downtown Pella, Nov 1, 2020-Feb 21, 2022 via Retail Coach

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