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Here is a quick guide for the things you may need to set up for your move.

If you are having difficulty locating anything, contact us at or 641-628-2626 for assistance.


If your new home is within Pella city limits, you can contact the City of Pella for electricity, water, sewer and recycling services. Otherwise, new residents living outside Pella city limits can contact Pella Cooperative Electric Association for rural Pella electricity and Midwest Sanitation for rural garbage and recycling services.

Inside or outside Pella city limits, you can contact Alliant Energy for natural gas.


Phone, Internet & Cable Service



Updating Resident Information

We know that getting your home connected is important, but so is updating your residency information.

The Pella Post Office can help you forward your mail to your new home—just stop in and fill out a “Change of Address Form” or go to the post office’s web site and fill out the form there!


Transferring Vehicle & Driver Information

Iowa state law gives new residents moving from out of state 30 days to obtain an Iowa driver’s license and Iowa license plates.

To get your driver’s license and plates updated, stop by the Marion County Courthouse in Knoxville (214 E Main Street).

To update your driver’s license, visit the remote location at the Pella Community Center (712 Union St., Room 200) Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

State law also requires drivers to have insurance on their vehicles. Check out the listing of Pella’s insurance providers by visiting our PACE Alliance Member Directory.


Municipal Services

The City of Pella was organized as a municipality in April 1868. Since then, The City of Pella has owned its electric, water and sanitary utilities. Pella operates under a statutory form of government consisting of a six-member City Council, of which the Mayor is not a voting member. The City Council directs operations of the utilities and establishes rates and charges for all services. Pella’s City Administrator is responsible for implementing City Council policies and managing city operations.

The Pella Police Department serves the community 24 hours a day, along with a skilled team of fire-fighting volunteers that make up the Pella Fire Department and the Pella Ambulance. Offices are located in the Public Safety Complex at the corner of Main and Liberty Streets, one block south of the Pella square.

The Pella Post Office is located at the corner of Franklin Street and Broadway Street and houses a mural depicting Pella’s founder, Dominie Scholte, leading his people to Pella from the Netherlands.


Voter Registration

You may register to vote in Marion County by registering online (driver’s licesence required) visiting the auditor at the Marion County Courthouse in Knoxville or by downloading the Voter Registration form & mailing it to the courthouse.


City of Pella— 641-628-4173

Pella Cooperative Electric Association (REC)— 641-628-1040

Midwest Sanitation— 641-628-2610

Alliant Energy— 800-255-4268

KDSI Internet— 888-382-5670

Mediacom— 888-276-9324

Pella Post Office— 641-628-2951

Marion County Auditor— 641-828-2217

Marion County Motor Vehicle Dept.— 641-828-2202

Pella Community Center— 641-628-4571

Pella Police Department— 641-628-4921 or 911

Pella Fire Department— 641-628-1414 or 911

Pella Ambulance— 641-628-1780

Pella Post Office— 641-628-2951

Windstream— 866-445-8084

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